The PS Professional will complement and enhance your existing range of certifications. It will provide tangible proof of your all round capabilities and increase your value. You can achieve Foundation, Practitioner or Professional status in any or all of the five modules of the PS Professional Turbo. The more segments you complete, and the higher the achievement level in each, the more powerful your profile.

An international network of accredited PS Professional training partners has been carefully established and these world-class organisations will provide you with the local support you need to prepare and undertake each individual assessment.

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You can find out more about the curriculum by downloading the syllabus summary for each segment of the certification.



Athlete – Personal Effectiveness


To be effective in the demanding environment of modern business you need to be agile, efficient and have plenty of stamina. Managing priorities, balancing objectives and satisfying stakeholders are daily challenges that the business Athlete must meet with ease.

Download our syllabus to discover how we will turn you into an athlete.



Executive – Business


Technical skills aren’t everything for the 21st century PS professional. Business acumen and strategic awareness are vital for your continuing success. The Executive is as at home in the boardroom as the server room thanks to their industry knowledge.

Ready to take charge? Download the Executive syllabus.



Rainmaker – Commercial


Working closely with clients and understanding their challenges puts a PS professional in a unique position to generate business opportunities. The Rainmaker has a deep commercial awareness and sales orientation. They are able to accurately assess the customer needs and align them with current and future business offerings.

Learn more about how the Rainmaker syllabus can help you.



Authority – Technical


IT is integral to every business, and the sector is always changing and expanding. That is why the modern PS professional has to be an expert in their field. Clients need to feel that their business is in the hands of a credible authority if they are to be happy with your solutions.

Find out how we’ll deepen your authority by reviewing our syllabus.



Catalyst – Operational


With IT at the core of modern business, the best PS professionals understand how solutions will fit into every department in a business. They can see where potential issues can arise and solve these issues. The Catalyst understands the operational implications of every stage of their work, and will ensure the customer has the best experience at every stage.

Need to improve your operational expertise? Download the Catalyst syllabus