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It takes more than technical skills to distinguish yourself in today’s professional services world.
PS professionals in the 21st century must be masters of every area of the business.

Our certification, developed by experienced Professional Services practitioners, accredited by APMG
and monitored by an
independent board will unlock your potential and help you rise above the crowd.
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Everyone has a unique set of abilities, forged from training and practical experience, but there is always an opportunity
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You’ll be assessed in the 5 areas that every PS professional needs:


Personal Effectiveness









 In each area you’ll be graded according to your current skill level:


You've got the basics down


Even complex situations are everyday to you


You're ahread of the curve

At the end of the test your Turbo wheel will reveal your current mix of competencies. A detailed report will then be emailed to you,
identifying your range of abilities and you can then decide whether to move on and apply for full PS Professional certification.

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The PS Professional certification is the heart of your professional evolution but we also provide a hub for you to connect with other professional services professionals, a place to share experiences, advice and discover further information on your continuing path to professional mastery.

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About Us

The Professional Services Professional™ was conceived, and is led, by Gary Gamp. With over 25 years’ experience building and leading
professional services teams across the globe, Gary believes in the need for a professional services community. Using his background
with British Telecom, AT&T, France Telecom and COLT. Gary and his team have designed a robust and pragmatic
certification base on hard-earned, practical experience of the industry at the highest level.

Our accredited certification will equip you with the skills you need to exceed the demands placed on the modern PS professional.
Some of the organisations we’ve helped:

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Turbo: Revealing Who You Are

It’s part of human nature to be a poor judge of our own competencies. We often assume we know everything we need to know in a given area, or conversely fail to recognise our own strengths.

Turbo gives you an impartial assessment of your skills, one that you can use to plan your professional development. Mastery of any skill is an ongoing process, but understanding where best to focus your efforts is essential for consistent improvement.

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